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08 June 2011 @ 01:49 pm
Title: You don’t belong with me [4/10]

Pairing: Jonghyun x girl!key(Gwiboon), platonic Minkey, 2min(girl!taemin) and quite a few others

Rating: PG

Summary: Gwiboon (also known as Key), is in every way the college’s reigning queen bee- the one that every girl hates but wishes to be. Unfortunately, people like her don’t get the boy of their dreams (handsome, charming neighbor boy with his own rock band) because she’s just not his type; he needs to be with the devoted nerdy girl pining for him. Or is it?

A twist on the usual ‘nice nerdy girl gets boy’ theme!

28 May 2011 @ 02:26 am
Title: Heartsease

Ratings: PG

Genre: Romance

Pairing: Ontae

Wordcount: 916

Disclaimer: Do not own.

Summary: The year was 1820, when two most unlikely people fell in love with each other and decided that they would seek a future that was going to be as bright and as beautiful as the world would be.

Love defies all conventions.Collapse )
15 May 2011 @ 12:41 am

Title: Coming Undone

Pairing: 2min

Genre: Romance, drama

Rating: PG

Summary: Taemin's a popular young actor who's facing death threats from an anti fan; Minho's the bodyguard he didn't want.


He's a believer in method acting.Collapse )



30 April 2011 @ 10:08 pm
I doubt anyone cares but I just wanted to write this XD

I do so dearly apologize for my absence; I’ve actually been on hiatus (still am actually) and really busy with rl. I’m supposed to be studying for exams, but clearly I am failing failed at life and wanted to do a quick update instead.

I’ll be on hiatus for the rest of May- I’ll probably return to fandom and writing in the last week of may/in June. I have way too many wips even outside the current list; so here’s a small list of what I’m going to be writing in order of priority. there are others not on the list but will sporadically appear.

HS!AU(You don’t belong with me)- In the process of writing, will complete.

Princess!verse(Practically royalty)- I’m not going to be touching this for some time, sorry to say. I’ve been a bit picky and have been doing research for this fic (what kind? Royal succession, stylization, imperial households yadda yadda, I want this to be accurate and perfect) so it’s going to be a while before the next chapter even comes along. I’ve got charts on royal families and it’s making my head swim T_T I have plenty planned for this verse though.

Wedding planner!AU- Stuck. I have to admit, so… we have to see how it goes.

Um, chunonew_rx , if you see this, i know i owe you fic and i'm really sorry it's taking so long, but it'll be done soon okay!