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9 December
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elly or better known as 0n3star/onestar; welcome to my fic journal :D i generally write for kpop but i also like jpop groups(je groups actually) like arashi and kat-tun (will i write about them? hmm. idk.)

kpop groups i stan hardcore: SHINee♥, Super Junior, DBSK, Big Bang. other kpop groups i like/listen to: after school, SNSD, 2am, 2pm, FT island, miss A,among others

yes, english is my first language. i'd like to think i don't write too badly; so if anyone thinks otherwise, please tell me, i'm always open to concrit! i write in shinee fandom primarily though i might write suju too never again. mostly i write romance; sometimes humor, sometimes angsty, usually the slightly dramatic sort and almost always AU- i don't do canon so well. and mostly below R. i can't seem to write smut.

biases i have a lot of. and when i write, i tend to pair my two fave biases in a group. like... i love the whole of shinee but minho most, followed by taemin. and hence 2min is my otp but i write jongkey and onkey too. i could write other ships i think but unless someone requests. in SJ i ♥ kyu, so he goes w mi and hanchul is my other sj ship, though i strangely adore teukchul as well.
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